Friday, February 25, 2011

Practice on a Cloudy Day

The last two weeks Arizona has been treated to cool weather and a cloudy sky.  White, ashy, soft looking swirly clouds letting the ever present blue sky peek through.  Driving to my morning meeting, I decide on a route through Papago Park, a desert park with large brownish-red boulders surrounded by creosote and other desert greens.  It is one of my favorite spots in this Valley of the Sun.  I breathe deeply and take in the cool air rolling in through the open windows. I look for my favorite saguaro cactus growing two baby buds that form a heart from a certain angle.  It is quiet and I am happy.  Leaving my meeting I take the same route and see the heart peeking up over the creosote bushes.  I am aware of how thankful I am for my morning mediation practice.  I wonder what the fifteen minutes I took to sit quietly allowed me to experience or not experience during the meeting.  I marvel at those I know who have an “enduring practice” and the lightness, insight, and love they express freely in their whole being.  I think how much more I, and others, would benefit if I exercised more consistency in sitting quietly.  What I know for sure is that for today I gifted myself this equanimity-seeking time and for that I am grateful.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you gave yourself the gift of stillness, which is inspiring me to to do the same on a rainy day out east. Thank you.